TopVac 2 Hepa Canister Vacuum

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NEW!!! Commercial Vacuum, TopVac 2, HEPA Certified  $459. ONLY  + FREE ITEMS

The TopVac 2with HEPA certification vacuum cleaner will allow you finally to ally the strength and the flexibility. It is incredible to see that this small vacuum can pick up to 15 liters (4 gallons) of dry dust. How? By the intervention of its powerful motor with two levels. Equipped with a high-efficiency certified filter against the Air Particles ( HEPA), corresponding to the standard renovation, repair, and paint(painting) (RRP) of the American agency for the environmental protection (EPA) for the upgrades of sites containing lead paints. Its suction with high lifting, its high capacity, and its robust construction makes the ideal tool for the professionals, the entrepreneurs, as well as for the industrial applications. Indeed, the TopVac 2 is a significant asset for your company.

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) originally called high-efficiency particulate absorber but also sometimes called high-efficiency particulate arresting or high-efficiency particulate is a type of air filter. Filters meeting the HEPA standard have many applications, including use in medical facilities, automobiles, aircraft, and homes. The filter must satisfy certain standards of efficiency and qualify as HEPA by US government standards, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm. 

Once this definition is understood, why should you have a HEPA filter in your vacuum? Simply because you want the best for you and your family like this is beneficial for asthma and allergy sufferers because the HEPA filter traps the fine particles (such as pollen and dust mite feces) which trigger allergy and asthma symptoms.

And with TOPVAC PLUS having a wide range of HEPA filters and vacuum like canisters, central and industrial with a HEPA filter, we can say that TOPVAC PLUS is a leader in the HEPA technology, and without forgetting all these accessories: bags, brushes, hoses, accessories, filters, end cuffs, metal or plastic wands and accessories, casters, powerful motors, all these accessories goes along with the HEPA filtration.

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