Ninja Classic NJA150-10 150 PSI Carpet Extractor Portable with Heater

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Tags: Ninja Classic NJA150-10 150 PSI Carpet Extractor Portable with Heater

Ninja Classic NJA150-10 150 PSI Portable with Heater

Power, capacity, durability, and performance

Notes on use

Delivers the ultimate in power, capacity, durability, and performance.

A lightweight portable, yet one of the most powerful soil extractors on the market.

Incorporates a dual 2-stage vacuum producing 150 inches of water lift or 185 inches of water lift with optional dual 3 stage vacuum.

Combine with your preferred wand or tool for any carpet/fabric cleaning need.

Essential features

- Rotomoulded polyethylene housing for durability and ease of maintenance

- Molded poly handle for durable, ergonomic control during operation

- Three easy-lift handles to help with carrying and transportation 

- Hinged design and quick-latch body allow easy access to components to ensure easy maintenance

- The dual 2-stage motor is hooked up in series to give you great airflow and sealed suction

- 4" Front anti-static swivel casters and 8" Rear anti-static wheels to maximize maneuverability, durability, and performance

- Swivel vacuum tank hose connection to reduce hose difficulties for the operator and improve ease of use

Technical & safety 

Pump: 150 PSI Viton Diaphragm Demand Pump

Vacuum Motors: Dual 2-stage Vacuums (150” Water Lift)

Internal Heater: 200°F (CSA Approved)

Solution Tank: 40 Litre (10 Gallon) c/w Stainless Steel Solution Tank Cover

Recovery Tank: 40 Litre (10 Gallon) c/w High Water Shut Off

Power Cord: 25’ 

Weight: 78 lbs.
Dimensions: H: 36¼" L: 27¾" W: 19¼"
CSA Approved Unit

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