EDIC FiveStar 411TR 50 PSI Self-Contained Portable

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EDIC FiveStar 411TR (ED403TR) 50 PSI Self-Contained Portable

Notes on use

A compact, self-contained carpet extractor with powerful brush agitation to effectively clean carpets, hard floors and grouted tile.

Essential features

- Lightweight (40 lbs) meaning almost everyone can comfortably use it.

- Compact body design and fold-down handle make it simple to transport and store. Handle also adjusts to operator height.

- Very easy to use with built-in solution and recovery tank that can be used as a portable bucket.

- Easy servicing: remove two screws and the machine opens like a clam shell.

- Small enough to clean in tight spaces yet powerful enough to perform well in any commercial setting where spot cleaning and maintenance cleaning of carpets is essential.

- Revolutionary bladder design allows you to fill and empty out of the same bucket and eliminates the need to pour solution into the carpet extractor. Simply fill the bucket, set it on the carpet extractor, close the lid and begin cleaning!

- Patented self-adjusting, self-leveling brush and vacuum shoe for easy cleaning of all carpet lengths and uneven floors, plus longer brush life.

- Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards.

Technical & safety 

Pump: 50 psi

Vacuum Motor: 112 CFM, 2 HP

Solution Tank: 3 gallon

Recovery Tank: 3 gallon

Waterlift: 107"

Cleaning Width: 12"

Power Cord: 25'

Weight: 40 lbs
Dimensions: 24"H x 23"L x 12"W

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