Edic Five Star Self-Contained 50 psi, Carpet Extractor

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Tags: Edic Five Star Self-Contained 50 psi, Carpet Extractor

Edic Five Star Self-Contained Carpet Extractor, 50 psi, 3 Gal 

Notes on use

As far as productivity goes, nothing beats the FiveStar. It is small enough to clean tight spaces and corners, yet powerful enough to perform well in any commercial setting. A revolutionary bladder design allows you to fill and empty out of the same bucket and eliminates the need to pour solution into the machine. Simply fill the bucket, set it on the machine, close the lid and begin cleaning.

Essential features
  • Self-adjusting brush and vacuum shoe maximize cleaning of all carpet lengths.
  • Stainless steel ball bearings and self leveling brush head ensure long life.
  • Full complement of accessories, which are sold separately, attach to the back of unit.
  • Handle adjusts to operator height and folds down for easy storage.
  • Patented lift-off bucket with bladder makes filling and emptying incredibly easy.
  • See-through recovery dome allows you to see what it is exactly that you're recovering.
  • Side extension for cleaning right to baseboards.
  • Clean both carpet and hard floor surfaces (if hard floor cleaning option is present).

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