Centaur Rabbit-3 Dual-Speed 18” Floor Machines

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A versatile, heavy duty, dual speed floor machine. Plenty of options for accessories so you can tackle any job including easy baseboard cleaning or bonnet cleaning.

Centaur Rabbit-3 Dual-Speed 18”

  • Notes on use

    The most versatile and powerful floor cleaning machine in its class. No other swing machines even comes close! The energy saving Rabbit-3 starts up gently and automatically adjusts the load to various condition. With the proper accessories, you can: 

      • Spray buff vinyl floors
      • Clean carpet
      • Strip floors very quickly
      • Clean BASEBOARDS up to 8-inches high
      • Clean grout and tile with a specialized brush
    Essential features

    - Easy-reach removable handle makes it incredibly easy to transport in virtually any vehicle. 

    - Detachable cable cord for neat, easy storage. No dragging the cable to refill the (optional) water tank, either! 

    - Eliminates splashing during stripping or cleaning thanks to the removable Splash guard.

    - Strips floors in half the time when combined with (optional) 40 lb horseshoe weights. 

    - Cleans in very tight spaces when downsized to the (optional) 13" drive block. 

    - Easy cleans baseboards up to 8" high when set up with the (optional) Scrub Jay drive blocks. 

    Technical & safety 
    • 2 speed - 200RPM and 300RPM
    • 1.5HP Soft Start D/C Motor
    • Noise level: (dBa) 60/63dB
    • Cable Length: 50'
    • Machine Weight: 81 lbs
    • Weight Supported: 80 lbs (2 x 40 lb horseshoe weights)
    • 18" cleaning path
    • Basic Package A (#2W22030) includes machine, splashguard, and 18" drive block

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