TopVac Plus Cyclone TC22GBT Autoscrubber

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Reliable, durable and efficient. Easy operation requires no special training. Reduce costs and worker fatigue with this walk-behind auto scrubber, complete with traction drive.

TopVac Plus Cyclone TC22GBT

Highly efficient floor scrubber with built-in traction drive. 

Notes on use

Easy to use; no special training required. Instrument panel is simple and intuitive. 

Large cleaning path to improve efficiency, yet still portable. 

Traction drive offers slight self-propulsion of the machine, reducing effort required from the user during operation. 

Powered by gel batteries to allow true freedom of operation and portability.

Essential features

- Key-type switch

- V-shape squeegee-assembly; no stains or waste water residues

- Squeegee blades can be used in four directions

- Battery and charger included
- Battery meter: timing function for operation, easy for man-hour calculation

- Special air ducts for motor air intake and exhaust: cold and hot air unmixed, guaranteeing service life of motor
- Brush system adopts automatic assembly and disassembly design without any tools

- Built-in traction drive motor to offer slight self-propulsion of the machine

Technical & safety 

Cleaning path: 22"
Brush motor/Vacuum motor: 560W/450W
Solution tank/recovery tank: 13 gal./13 gal.
Voltage/propelling system: 24DC/traction drive

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