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GH80D70 Ghibli 28" Autoscrubber w/ Traction Drive, Machine Only (batteries & charger separate)

Notes to use Fluid levels in the reservoirs are controlled by a probe.
A convenient hose used to fill water and cleaning the tank.
Control adjustments on handles and an operator control panel with intuitive display.
All modules of operations are located in front of the unit and are easily accessible during repair or routine maintenance.
The microprocessor of the instrument panel is easy to use and program can be customized.
The differential the solenoid valve water pump and filter in stainless steel are attached to a robust housing.
Essential features

. Clutch type: Electric
. Voltage: 24 V
. Clearing width and 28 "
. Width of blade: 34 "
. Cleaning tank: 80 liters
. Recovery Tank: 90 liters
. Brush Motor: 2 x 350 W
. Brush Speed: 190 RPM
. Handle: Adjustable
. Recommended Battery: 4 x 200 AH 6 V
. Dimensions: 1250 x 710 x 1030 (H) mm
. Battery charger: Separate
. Suction motor: 550W
. Traction motor: 250W
. 2 - 14' nylon brushes included 

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