Ghibli & Wirbel Rolly 11 Compact Scrubber

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Brand new ultra-compact scrubber; the latest and best answer to the professional cleaning demand. Innovative and functional design. Able to clean difficult, narrow or crowded areas; unsurpassable for maneuverability and easy to transport.

Ghibli & Wirbel Rolly 11 Compact Scrubber

Ultra-compact to reach even the most difficult areas. 

Notes on use

The new ultra-compact scrubber dryer Rolly is the right answer to the professional cleaning demand.

Extremely compact, so ideal for narrow spaces, where no other scrubber dryer can go and work.

A special handle: ergonomic, foldable, comfortable… and unlockable! Just one click on the front lever and the handle frees itself. This allows Rolly to go and work under tables, chairs… wherever you need it!

Essential features

Top cleaning and drying results:

  • Cylindrical brush deck assures the best cleaning performance on every kind of floor, even uneven ones those with grout lines.
  • Pressure is adjustable to suit every kind of dirt and floor.

An unbelievable squeegee system:

  • Twin squeegee system for top drying results, both forward and backward!
  • Retractable squeegee arms to reduce damage to machine and buildings; both the arms can go inside the brush head when hitting obstacles. Maximum reliability and agility when working.

Incredibly quiet: 

  • Push the silent mode function to activate low noise setting, perfect for day cleaning and in all noise-sensitive environments.

A start & go machine:

  • Intuitive control panel; no training required.
  • Effortless, tool-free maintenance.
Technical & safety 

Model: 13.0110.00

Power supply: Battery 24V

Tank Capacity: 11/12 L

Cleaning width: 330 mm

Squeegee width: 420 mm

Rated power: 270 W

Productivity (theoretical/practical): 1.320/800 m2/h

Run time: 1 h

Contact pressure: 35-71-160 g/cm2

Noise level: 58/54* dB(A)

Weight (empty/with battery): 24/27.5 kg

Dimensions: 640x450x502 mm

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