Ghibli & Wirbel Freccia 30 Battery-Operated Scrubber

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A user-friendly and reliable solution for small-medium cleaning areas. Ergonomic and innovative features to improve productivity and reduce worker fatigue.

Ghibli & Wirbel Freccia 30 Battery-Operated (FR 30 M 45 TOUCH)

The ideal solution for for any surface and cleaning task in small-medium areas.

Notes on use

For any surface and cleaning task in small-medium areas.

A high impact design gives the right ergonomic appeal.

High maneuverability and a complete set of integrated solutions.

Essential features

- Large, 30 L tank capacity; less time spent emptying/refilling machine.

- Control panel with display for easy and fast selection of all the main functions.

- “Silent mode” function: ideal for day cleaning and noise-sensitive environments.

- Compact squeegee: only 65 cm, and adjustable for excellent drying results

- Complete set of filters and debris tray to protect main components ensure maximum reliability.

- Impeccable performance: high speed (up to 4.5 km/h), high productivity, and remarkable running time (2h+).

Technical & safety 
Working width, brush: 430 mm
Fresh water tank: 30 L
Dirty water tank: 33 L
Motor rating: W / nr 350 x 1
Dimensions: 1210 x 560 x 1020 mm

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