Ghibli & Wirbel Freccia 15 Electrical Scrubber (plug-in)

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Tags: Ghibli & Wirbel Freccia 15 Electrical Scrubber (plug-in)

A compact and portable auto scrubber, easy to transport and use. Electrical power guarantees consistent performance and negates concern about battery charging.

Ghibli & Wirbel Freccia 15 Electrical (plug-in) (FR 15 E 38)

The most suitable solution for small-medium areas!

Notes on use

Its high impact design gives the Fr 15 the right ergonomic appeal.

New and attractive shapes in a compact size, for easy access to hard-to-reach areas.

Ideal solution for for any surface and cleaning task in small-medium areas.

The front knob allows the user to adjust the brush incidence to the floor, ensuring a perfect adherence to any working surface with excellent cleaning results.

The squeegee system perfectly covers the water track in any condition, for excellent drying results. And the new pedal lifting system makes it even more comfortable for the user and more reliable.

Freccia 15 E is the electric version, with a standard 15-meter cable. No need to worry about charging batteries or inconsistent power! 

Essential features

- Adjustable head by knob and external wheel, to make Rapid 15 flexible and suitable for any kind of floor.

- The practical external wheel allows an easy height adjustment of the brush head, so preventing any overload of the brush motor.

- Easy access to narrow/hard-to-reach areas.

- Foldable/adjustable handle.

- The vac motor guarantees perfect drying results and is today even more protected, thanks to the new filter, for the maximum reliability.

Technical & safety 

Working width, brush: 385 mm
Fresh water tank: 15 L
Dirty water tank: 17 L
Motor rating: W / nr 370 x 1
Dimensions: 855 x 430 x 1160 mm

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