Diversey 94977476 Suma® SupremeTM/MC D1.5, 2.5 L

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94977476 Suma® SupremeTM/MC D1.5, 2.5 L

A super-concentrated, high-active formula that offers superior grease-cutting performance and cuts through even your greasiest pots, pans, and food prep utensils. Developed specifically for use in the OptifillTM/MC Dispensing System.


Essential info

Feature 1

Packaged in the innovative OptifillTM/MC Dispensing System

Feature 2

Thick, long-lasting suds provide outstanding cleaning performance

Feature 3

Quickly removes grease and food residue from soiled areas

Feature 4

Consistently dispenses accurate solution and eliminates the need for manual dosage

Feature 5

Easy to use, with minimal training and no installation/equipment costs

Feature 6

Contains biodegradable surfactants, is phosphate-free and has a 55 percent active level

Application 1

For use in three compartment sink

Application 2

Use for manual cleaning of pots, pans, glassware, utensils, equipment and other surfaces in a foodservice environment

Odor Primary: Floral

Color Primary: Blue

Catalog Fragrance: Floral

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